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Thread: iPod Touch Mounts but doesn't transfer music

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    iPod Touch Mounts but doesn't transfer music

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 and have had iPod trouble ever since I (double) upgraded from 11.04 to 12.04. Before I used gtkpod for transferring my music to my iPod nano, but now I'm using an iPod touch and gtkpod hasn't worked properly since I upgraded my OS. Gtkpod no longer recognizes .wav files and can barely handle only certain .mp3 files. Please help!

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    Re: iPod Touch Mounts but doesn't transfer music

    Did you try to do a clean install of Ubuntu or did you do a direct upgrade?

    Try installing the following as well.
    sudo apt-get install ifuse libgpod4 libimobiledevice-utils usbmuxd gnupod-tools
    Also try to experiment by creating a new user, and then transferins music. See if it works.

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