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Thread: DVD Burner Feedback Requested...(XF Burn)

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    DVD Burner Feedback Requested...(XF Burn)

    I use ubuntu (main edition with unity) and i have always found (in recent years) Brasero to be pretty quirky and unreliable, so i always install K3b which works great...
    I was just curious about XF BURN (the Xfce dvd burner)...never tried it before and i was wondering how well it works so i thought perhaps some who use it could give me their feedback

    I mostly use the burner to make iso images of linux distros and often make data dvds and cds of either video files or mp3 music files...

    How reliable is it? Also, can it make a copy to copy of an encrypted dvd like the way k3b can? (not imperative for me...but was curious)...
    Can you select various burn speeds? Does it eject the dvd properly? etc....
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