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Thread: Installing Ubuntu on USB key

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    Installing Ubuntu on USB key

    For my ubuntu usb distribution I bought an 8GB key
    and set up 4GB as reserved extra space but during update
    process ubuntu warned:
    not enough space, please use 'clean' command to
    free up memory.
    (issue 1)
    I followed the advice and used the command:
    'sudo apt-get clean' to free up memory but I wonder
    where temporary and old files are(I mean which folders
    contain them)and which commands to use to delete them,
    in order to free up more memory.
    (issue 2)
    I also followed the advice issuing to use 'Disk Usage
    Analyzer' but I don't know how data is organized.
    Where can I find a table or and explanation about
    the content of all folders of ubuntu file system?
    (issue 3)
    Then I also decided to investigate how space is used.
    I opened my ubuntu usb key on ubuntu CD session, so I
    found my original system in casper folder(700 MB) +
    'casper-rw' file(2.9 GB) in main usb folder containing
    probably all updates.
    I ask for confirmation about this.
    (issue 4)
    When I built my usb distribution I chose the option to
    set up a reserved extra space for settings and documents,
    but when I run my usb ubuntu I cannot access them as
    a partition, however I can access my 'home' folder
    from launcher, but as I cannot access my reserved extra
    space as a partition I don't know which settings are
    As my 'casper-rw' file is about 2.9 GB I suspect
    that it represents my reserved extra space file(maybe
    this extra space is fully contained in a unique file),
    so containing all settings, updates and home folder.
    Or maybe updates are not counted as reserved extra
    space but still contained in file casper-rw.
    Which is the truth? Which folders I find in
    'Disk Usage Analyzer' are contained in my reserved
    extra space?
    Can anyone please address this issue?

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu on USB key

    HOWTO: Recover Lost Disk Space - drs305
    HOWTO: Cleaning up all those unnecessary junk files...
    Caution deborphan will delete anything you manually installed. See comment:

    I have never liked Disk Usage Analyzer. In my 25GB / (root) partition it shows 240GB. Which is somewhat correct as I also link in two other 100GB partitions, but I usually want to know details of each partition not the sum.
    This shows by partition.
    df -H

    If you just have a installer with persistence it may be different.

    Pros & cons of persistent install over direct install to flashdrives - C.S.Cameron

    With persistence you cannot update system as it will still install as originally downloaded. But you can save added drivers or your files.

    Linux Standard Base details

    Explanation of file structure
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
    Please use Thread Tools above first post to change to [Solved] when/if answered completely.

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