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Thread: Neverwinter Onlinw working

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    Neverwinter Onlinw working

    I got never winter online working very easy.

    1. Need wine from the repos (i have sudo apt-get build-dep wine done)

    2. Need playonlinux from their site (

    3. open playonlinux and click install

    4. choose internet explorer 8

    5 after that is done download the game (

    6 click install again in playonlinux

    7. click install a non-listed program

    8. click next, then click edit or update an exsiststing application

    9. choose internet explorer 8

    10. check the box for install some libraries and configure wine

    11. select 32bit installation and click next

    12. go to graphics tab and check to capture mouse

    13. install d3dx9, d3dx10, vcrun 2008, vcrun 2005, corefonts and then click next

    14. choose the downloaded game client

    15. let it install patches and things but before you click start put in your password and user name, then look to the top of the window and click options, copy and paste this in the advanced command line -enablerawinputsupport 0 , then click ok, then click start.

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    Re: Neverwinter Onlinw working

    Hmmm...PlayOnLinux crashes when I try to install IE8, which is step 4...

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    Re: Neverwinter Onlinw working

    you have to install it as 32bit application then you will be able to install IE8, is vcrun 2008, vcrun 2005 and d3dx10 really necesary? ive runned it without, also i usually follow another tutorial where you need to add tahoma, but i cannot install games from Arc, since there is no install button... but adding vcrun 2008/05 and d3dx10 does nothing :s

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