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Thread: Inspiron 15r laptop running hot?

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    Inspiron 15r laptop running hot?

    Named my laptop Melinda.

    Anyway, she took a lighting strike the other night and her cores are running hot now. I can turn her on, boot her up but the fan's running constantly and the cores are in the 40C range when they're usually around 35-37. Any suggestions?

    She's an inspiron 15r with i5 quad-core, 8 gigs ram and a 1TB hard-drive. I know it's anyone's guess as to what could be wrong but where would I start to fix her?
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    Re: Melinda is sick :(

    40 isn't that hot if you're normally seeing 35-37, although the fan running constantly is a bit of an issue. What's the ambient temp like, I'm guessing it's warm if you've had thunder.

    Start with the basics, given the machine a hoover out to make sure it's getting the ventilation it needs. Are you able to disassemble it? I know it's easier said than done with some laptops, but you'll probably find there's some video online of how to do it without breaking anything.

    It's quite possible that the transient has nuked something like the fan controller, but it's hard to say.

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    Re: Inspiron 15r laptop running hot?

    Changed thread title to something a bit more accurate.


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