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Thanks, Paul!

Been running the patched nVidia 304 drivers for 24 hrs.

Looks like they patched several flavors, according to the changelogs, but I went with the one you recommended.

Working fine! Cured a lot of (Nouveau) transparency issues in GS.

vindsl@Zuul:~$ apt-cache policy gnome-shell
  Installed: 3.9.2+git20130612.c6fe6eb7-0ubuntu1~13.10~ricotz0

vindsl@Zuul:~$ apt-cache policy nvidia.
  Installed: 304.88-0ubuntu3
It's nice to know Nouveau is a workable fallback.

Haven't been able to test it in Unity. Unity is still seg faulting on me (unrelated issue).
Hi Vin,

No worries.

Have never tried Nouveau actually so I'll have to do that some time.