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Thread: How can i develop applications for Ubuntu?

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    Re: How can i develop applications for Ubuntu?

    Thanks a lot MG&TL,
    you make my way more clear....once again thank you!

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    Re: How can i develop applications for Ubuntu?

    Quote Originally Posted by MG&TL View Post
    Depends on what you count as 'OS': ubuntu mostly deals with interface and other considerations, not necessary the underlying kernel or other pieces which make up the picture. If you're interested in all of it, try

    If you're just interested in the kernel that Ubuntu and other linux distributions use, I'd suggest joining the LKML (Linux Kernel Mailing List), and searching around for 'how to get started linux kernel'.

    You might be a little inexperienced; in my limited experience, the world of software engineering is radically different to that of computer science.
    Hi MG&TL,

    This thread is discuss about How to make application for ubuntu platform. I have read from The site explain to install ubuntu SDK. It seem for developing mobile application, correct me if i am wrong. And i want developed for Desktop. Is there any project that currently running..?. Because i want to contribute as developer. If somebody know, please tell me.

    Best Regards,

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