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Thread: 13.04 Java Plugin not working

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    Question 13.04 Java Plugin not working

    I was trying to use a java app on my browser, and it just redirected to's install page, so I figured I don't have the plugin installed. So I went to Software Center, installed the IcedTea Java Plugin, and restarted my browser. The app still does the same thing. I went to's thing to check if Java is installed, and it said it was "unable to verify".

    I go to the Test Java page and it says a plugin is needed, and "click here" to install them, so I click there, and Firefox's Plugin Finder Service 2 launches and searches forever. It's been about 15 minutes now and the finder is still pretending to search, so I'm guessing something's broken there. Whatever.

    Point is, there's a java web app that I need to access, but am unable to, so I need help being able to get my java/firefox/icedtea/whatever stuff working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: 13.04 Java Plugin not working

    Uninstall this icedtea. Go to , add ppa for oracle java, and install jre/jdk for your needs. Java will work everywhere.

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