Hello all!

So I have a samsung sch-s720c smartphone. I am also running ubuntu 12.04 on my macbook 2,1 laptop. NOW.

I can connect the devices through bluetooth, BUT only through audio files.
I'll see if I can provide an example:

Sorry for the contrast but I had to really lower the lighting to make it readable.

SO, it says connected to phone audio. I am not able to send pictures (which is all I want to do.) I can show a picture of that as well:

As it shows, any time I try to send a pic to my laptop it gives me this.
There is no prompt which show the phone trying to send, like it should. The prompt that says reject or accept.

I use the blueman bluetooth manager as well as the one that comes default with the distro.

Now I am wondering will they conflict with each other? I don't know, I know that the default manager doesn't work just by itself which is why I installed the blueman.

SO! Haha can anyone help me out or is anyone else having the same problem?
Let me know if you need more info as well.