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Thread: Downloads in Ubuntu Software Centre

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    Downloads in Ubuntu Software Centre


    I just purchased Humble Indie Bundle 8, got the codes to install the games in Ubuntu Software Centre and in Steam.
    I was trying to install Oil Rush in Ubuntu Software Centre. The problem is that I have a poor internet connection; it disconnects every 2 minutes. While downloading, the internet connection disrupts, the download process stops and I receive the following message:

    Failed to fetch Operation too slow. Less than 10 bytes/sec transferred the last 120 seconds

    Then I have to start over again from scratch. I tried to download the game several times, but I am tired of trying and will install it through Steam, which allows to resume downloads.
    This really irritates me. Why isn't it possible to pause a download in Ubuntu Software Centre, or just to close the Software Centre and resume the download later, like in Steam?

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    Re: Downloads in Ubuntu Software Centre

    The Software Center is the most annoying piece of software I have EVER used, besides ... well, I can't think of anything. It is rather bloated, though the developers have been working on that (and I got a new XPS). This is the fourth bug that I have heard of this week from users attempting to make this software work. I have abandoned it altogether for apt-get or the more accessible and usable Synaptic. It definitely needs some work. Perhaps you can help them out by filing a bug (actually a feature request in this case), or adding your name to an existing one.

    If you found a workaround, however, and there are very many for this issue, like using wget and dpkg, then it is not particularly useful to ask for support.
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