I am going to be working on a project that requires two different types of programming. C++ and PBP3 for integrated circuitry. I may even learn a third programming language so that I will be able to edit code to fix problems. I will be working on a project for the mastering the ability to use what I learn. My project I want to share on the Internet without the possibility of someone building their own copy of my project and turning around and selling it. My Father is an accountantent and is even familiar with basic law but more importantly tax law. My father ever since I graduated wanted to help me form a club so I am going to ask him the huge favor of helping me learn the law and ethics of putting up a on line forum for sharing my project.

Only thing I need is to know who do I need to get into contact with to be able to use Ubuntu Linux to run my project on. My project is for nonprofit and if I get any money it will be donations. Only if I desperately need donations will I even put up a link to donate on my forums. Sorry I may be very good at electronics and even if I am successful with my studies outside of college I am not sure how to ask. My goal with this project is to get recognized by a company enough to pay for college and hire me. The chance of luck will be great but this is also to get me prepared for college. I will get a student loan if I have to.