I've been combing the webs and this forum for an answer, and couldn't find it. I'm kind of lost as to what's going on here and how to fix it.

Basically, I was using Ubuntu Studio via live USB (configured by YUMI) because my current Studio permanent installation was borked and I needed to conduct an interview that very moment. I got the interview done, saved it to a hard drive partition (FAT32; not C:\ where Win7 lives in NTFS), and then moments later my cat stepped on the power strip. Bam. Computer off.

I wasn't worried about it, however, because my data had saved and I'd verified that it was there, right? Well, turn the machine on today and, lo and behold, nothing there. The data is gone. I tried recovering it from the partition via Recuva and testdisk and there's nothing there, either.

Is there any way to recover this? Would the Audacity recovery cache still be findable on the USB stick, or am I looking in the wrong place, here? Why would data saved to another drive be affected by the LiveUSB crashing, anyway?

Thanks in advance.