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Thread: Freezing / swap

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    Freezing / swap

    It's very rare that I manage to freeze Ubuntu. Meaning, the only circumstances are: 1. I try to play a 1080p video on YouTube with Firefox; the video stops and the comptuer fails to respond whatsoever to any mouse or keyboard input; and 2. I try to record anything in Audacity. With Audacity, it'll only take about 30 seconds (maybe even a minute or two) before the sound wave animation stops (however, I can press the stop button and listen to what I did record before it froze). In the YouTube and Audacity case, the given program is the only thing running, with perhaps only 3-5 tabs open in Firefox.

    My only thought is that my swap file is too small since I installed Ubuntu with 3 GB of RAM and thus a 3 GB swap partition was made; however, I now have 8 GB. Either that or I have a hardware (RAM) problem.

    Any ideas?


    Lenovo ThinkPad L412
    Intel Core i3-350M (2.26 GHz)
    8 GB (2x4) G-SKILL PC3-10600
    Hitachi 160 GB 7200 RPM HDD

    Ubuntu is very snappy on this computer. I almost don't even see the boot screen and web pages load pretty much instantaneously (Internet permitting). I am never quite able to play 1080p in Windows or Ubuntu if there was a lot of movement, but that's not surprising with integrated graphics. But in Ubuntu when there's a lot of movement and it starts to get stressed, it gives up. Windows just continues to play choppily.

    On a side note, I made my first installation with 32-bit Ubuntu. I was astounded at how much snappier it was when I decided to reinstall with 64-bit (even before 8 GB). I don't know about Windows but it really makes a difference with Ubuntu.
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    Re: Freezing / swap

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    Re: Freezing / swap

    The HDD and CPU run pretty cool for a laptop; I don't believe that's a problem.

    I'll try Memtest and the CPU test like you suggested -- thanks! If it's the CPU, it'll be good to know now while I still have a couple weeks of warranty left....


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