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Thread: A question about ubuntu's future

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    A question about ubuntu's future

    If it is possible i would like to know the future of ubuntu, i will setup some questions i have. (you might want to read through first before answering)

    What makes ubuntu special? Why should i choose ubuntu and not windows or mac [besides that it is free]? (Try to convince me)

    What is the future for ubuntu? (if the answere can be told/ if there are a planned future)

    Will there be more developer kits to make games and other software to ubuntu? (Or if they alredy exists besides Quickly)

    How will Ubuntu effect the pc industry in the future? Is it possible that ubuntu can revolutionize the pc world? (In what way?)

    What can i do in ubuntu that i cannot in for example windows(7) ?

    The reason i ask this questions is becouse windows(8) in my knowlage is not good for microsoft and i in general does not like windows and only use it for games and becouse it i preinstalled on my computer.
    I also ask this questions becouse i am not sure if Ubuntu is worth my attention (Don't missunderstand me i like it but i dont want to get used to a os that aren't going to last.) I like the ubuntu style, i have installing issues some times but it is not to much a problem and it is possible to get help. I wrote down what i want a os to be like, i also drew how it was supposed to look like, then i watched on youtube and he used ubuntu and it looked like i wanted an os to look like. Still i cant find anything i can do in ubuntu that i cannot do in other os's, Yes it is uniqe with the bar at the left but still it isen't to most important thing.
    There are pretty few programs, alot but in compaison to other os's it is guite a few and so are the game so i don't know what exactly is the uniqe thing about ubuntu.
    I beleve ubuntu can be made to be a wounderful os but so far i think ubuntu takes a little from mac os, a little windows. If microsoft is going the way they are i think they are going to crash to the very bottom of the trash but if windows is gone what is ubuntu offering that mac os does not?.

    I hope i dident ask to much and give a feeling about being negative to linux. I se the possibilities but i am not sure yet.
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