Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 319 for the week May 27 - June 2, 2013.

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In This Issue

  • Mark Shuttleworth closes Ubuntu bug #1
  • Community on ubuntu.com
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Juju Charm Status for 29 May
  • juju-core 1.11.0 has been released
  • Jeremy Bicha: Moving on
  • Randall Ross: On Erasing Ubuntu's Artificial Borders: The vUDS Discussion (Part2)
  • The Fridge: Shuttering the Ubuntu Billboard Photo Contest
  • Jonathan Riddell: Subject: Kubuntu love
  • Joe Liau: Hello, My Name is
  • Jorge Castro: Let's Reinvigorate the water cooler
  • Jono Bacon: Ubuntu Phone Dogfooding Update
  • Javier L.: Proposal: AskUbuntu en espanol / AskUbuntu in Spanish
  • Ubuntu Touch Summary (week 20 and 21)
  • Unity APIs weekly (wk 21)
  • Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report May 31, 2013
  • In The Blogosphere
  • In Other News
  • Other Articles of Interest
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for 10.04, 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04
  • And much more!

General Community News

Mark Shuttleworth closes Ubuntu bug #1

Mark Shuttleworth closes Ubuntu bug #1 with following words: "Personal computing today is a broader proposition than it was in 2004: phones, tablets, wearables and other devices are all part of the mix for our digital lives. From a competitive perspective, that broader market has healthy competition, with IOS and Android representing a meaningful share...Even though we have only played a small part in that shift, I think it's important for us to recognize that the shift has taken place. So from Ubuntu's perspective, this bug is now closed."

Full remarks at: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/05/31/...-ubuntu-bug-1/

Want more on the closure of bug #1? Several news sites blogs covered it, here's a sampling of what they had to say:

Community on ubuntu.com

Daniel Holbach announces the launch of http://community.ubuntu.com, which "is the primary address for interested Ubuntu users to stay involved and get informed about what our community is doing."


Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open (105389) - 24 over last week
  • Critical (78) - 6 over last week
  • Unconfirmed (51543) + 52 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions this week

==== Most Active Questions ====

==== Top Voted New Questions ====

People Contributing the best questions and answers this week: [[http://askubuntu.com/users/59676/mitch|Mitch]], [[http://askubuntu.com/users/94914/karel|karel]], [[http://askubuntu.com/users/7035/luis-alvarado|Luis Alvarado]], [[http://askubuntu.com/users/62483/lucio|Lucio]] and [[http://askubuntu.com/users/85053/qasim|Qasim]]

Ask (and answer!) your own questions at http://askubuntu.com

Ubuntu Cloud News

Juju Charm Status for 29 May

Jorce Castro shares current status of Juju Charms, including updates about: charm tools, charm helpers, testing, docs, blockers and highlights on Trello, charm framework updates, events and misc. You can get more detailed status by watching recorded Weekly Charm video on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQT25...ature=youtu.be


juju-core 1.11.0 has been released

David Cheney announces new juju-core available for testing and highlights new features like: "Support for plugins has been added to the Juju cli command, Keypass authentication is now supported when connecting to Openstack environments" and many others.

Important: There is a new PPA location for juju https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/devel


The Planet

Jeremy Bicha: Moving on

Jeremy Bicha announces that he won't be able to contribute to Ubuntu Gnome for much longer. He reflects on the past, shows why Tim Lunn is the clear choice to take over as Technical Lead and makes an appeal for help with packaging and testing.


Randall Ross: On Erasing Ubuntu's Artificial Borders: The vUDS Discussion (Part2)

Randall Ross brings us the second half of a vUDS discussion summary discussing erasing the current national-(and sometimes state)-border-centric organization of Ubuntu (LoCo) teams.


The Fridge: Shuttering the Ubuntu Billboard Photo Contest

David Planella writes that the recently announced contest to spot Ubuntu billboards in Russia and the Ukraine has had to be ended early due to the billboards being taken down.


Jonathan Riddell: Subject: Kubuntu love

Jonathan Riddell publishes an e-mail from a Kubuntu user who wishes to pass on his thanks to the Kubuntu team for all their "hard work and dedication in making what really is a class act."


Joe Liau: Hello, My Name is

Joe Liau looks at the Ubuntu name and suggests that we learn to pronounce it properly. He asks how the Ubuntu project would be presented to someone new and provides a link to a Launchpad blueprint to add correct standard pronunciation to the Ubuntu iso.


Jorge Castro: Let's Reinvigorate the water cooler

Jorge Castro reflects upon the current state of developer and user discussions and proposes the project consider taking a look at a new technology like Discourse to facilitate better "water cooler" discussions in the Ubuntu community.


Jono Bacon: Ubuntu Phone Dogfooding Update

Jono Bacon takes a look at what has been delivered by the end of May. He provides a list of the delivered features and looks forward to the arrival of GPS and mobile data.


Javier L.: Proposal: AskUbuntu en espanol / AskUbuntu in Spanish

Javier L. puts together a proposal for a global AskUbuntu-type site in Spanish. He outlines 5 steps to making this a reality, highlighting the current "step 2" of collecting questions you may wish to see on such a site. Post is in Spanish and English.


Other Community News

Ubuntu Touch Summary (week 20 and 21)

Sergio Schvezov sums up week 20 and 21 for Ubuntu Touch. Summary includes following: Milestone bugs collected, Initial 3g data working, indicators-client-examples removed from build and much much more.


Unity APIs weekly (wk 21)

Thomas Strehl brings us summary considering Unity's APIs which includes changes considering scopes, indicators and other.


Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report May 31, 2013

Kevin Gunn writes that the Unity8-Mir work continues with bug fixes, optimizations, and Mir improvements to support Unity8 requirements, and launcher enhancements.


In The Blogosphere

Ubuntu Axe Laptop Competition After Just 2 Weeks

Joey-Elijah Sneddon of OMG! Ubuntu! writes that the 'Billboard Photo' contest to spot Ubuntu billboards in Russia and the Ukraine which was launched on May 14th as the billboards have been taken down. He concludes: "And no billboards means no contest".


NGINX Might Be Included With Ubuntu Server ISOs

Michael Larabel of Phoronix writes that the NGINX web server might be included in future releases of Ubuntu Server due its increasing popularity. He also reports that efforts are being made to move the package into Ubuntu's main archive rather than replace Apache.


In depth interview: Ubuntu Touch aims to learn from Android's mistakes

Canonical's Director of Engineering, Pat McGowan, talks about about Ubuntu Touch, including how it started, where the product is now, and what to expect in the future. He says it is clear that the team has kept an eye on Android and aims to learn from Google's mistakes.


Ubuntu Touch Core Apps' Facebook App received support for listing comments and likes, post comments and like/dislike posts

razvi of iloveubuntu informs us about Facebook app's development progress and its new features: support for listing comments and likes, ability to post comments, as well as the option to like and/or dislike posts.


In Other News

Full Circle Magazine #73 is OUT!

Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of seventy third issue.

This month:

  • Ubuntu News.
  • How-To : Programming in Python, LibreOffice, and An Intro To SQLite.
  • Graphics : Blender, and Inkscape.
  • Review: TV Browser & CMUS.
  • AND: New Ubuntu Games writers and the Reader Survey 2013 results!

plus: Q&A, Command & Conquer, Linux Labs, Ask The New Guy, My Story, and soooo much more!


Other Articles of Interest

Featured Audio and Video

Ubuntu Ohio - Burning Circle: Burning Circle Episode 114

This episode brings playbacks of multiple Audio News Releases from US government agencies on topical matters for the Ohio community.


Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S06E14 - The Social Ubuntu

Some of the news that Podcast from the UK LoCo Team! brings in their fourteenth episode (season six) are:

  • Sean Tilley is interviewed about Diaspora, the decentralised open source social network.
  • There are items on going to OpenTech and working on the CloudFoundry v2 launch.
  • The team chat about upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 and working on the Ubuntu Loco Council.


Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings

Upcoming Meetings and Events

For upcoming meetings and events please visit the calendars at fridge.ubuntu.com: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/

Updates and Security for 10.04, 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04

Security Updates

Ubuntu 10.04 Updates

End of Life - April 2015 (Server)

Ubuntu 12.04 Updates

End of Life - April 2017

Ubuntu 12.10 Updates

End of Life - April 2014

Ubuntu 13.04 Updates

End of Life - January 2014


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