Since I decided to use the Gnome 3 desktop on my HTPC, once every 10 - 25 boots it will hang...but at an odd place. The desktop comes up, but not all the way. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to re-login and then everything is fine. Why?

More detailed explanation...

- Power up
- goes through Ubuntu load screen (I auto-login)
- Gnome 3 desktop begins to appear
- network icon shows 'no connection' (this is one indicator desktop has stopped loading...the other is no user name)
- nothing is clickable
- have to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
- login and everything is fine

Never had this issue with Unity, and do not have this issue on other box running Gnome Classic (also 12.04).

It is a minor annoyance, and I would like to make sure it stays that way. Any ideas?