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Thread: Can some one make me unity revamped for 13.04 and keep it updated?

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    Can some one make me unity revamped for 13.04 and keep it updated?

    Please not batch files. I want to go into ccsm and enable it like in 11.10 or 12.04 with unity revamped. Why not a batch file that does it, because it is buggy.
    P.S. Deepening on how good it is I will give you points, if you were first. but if is that buggy batch file that I hate then no. Also If you keep it updated and keep doing it for newer version of Ubuntu like 14.X then I will give you more points when I get them.
    For Unity Version (7.0) or newer, so don't think of back-porting unity revamped for 12.04 in 13.04.


    1. It only work with one work space (ex. if I had a windows maxize in one work space and I go to another one it will be auto-hide.
    2. When I snap X application to the left it doesn't hide unless I hold it there for like 4 sec.
    3. The icons on the desktop will shift to the left when the launcher hides and move back to their initial location when the launcher is revealed.

    The Askubutnu community didn't like it.

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