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Thread: HOWTO : copy commonly pasted text with keyboard shortcuts

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    HOWTO : copy commonly pasted text with keyboard shortcuts

    Do you ever get tired of typing out the same old text over and over again ? There's a relatively easy way to assign keyboard shortcuts which will copy your commonly used text to the clipboard for pasting.
    First, make sure xclip is installed:
    sudo apt-get install xclip
    Then create a script with the following:
    echo $1 | xclip -selection "clipboard"
    and save as "copytoclipboard" in your home directory. Then ensure file is executable by right-clicking file in your file explorer -> Properties -> Permissions

    Then, in CompizConfig -> Commands you should be able to assign a command such as: "./copytoclipboard iwannapastethis" and assign it to a keyboard shortcut if you are using Unity, then when you paste anywhere the text should show up. (This worked for me versions back, but it needs testing).

    If you, like me, are using Gnome3 based systems, then instead of using Compiz you will need to use the System Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts to assign the command. I found creating multiple entries and using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F2, etc. to be useful, then I wrote which text is which onto my keyboard.

    Hope you find this useful
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