Currently using Ubuntu 12.04. We need to drastically reduce our power usage, and at 180 Wh for computer, monitor, router and UPS, am very interested to consider using a NAS device, as some only consume 21 Wh. Therefore, can I do the following with a NAS ..

1. Boot to different drives, like from grub, as in addition to using Ubuntu, I have a HDD with win xp pro.

2. Use the NAS for applications. On the ubuntu desktop, run KMail, OpenOffice, KMyMoney, Filezilla, etc,etc. On the XP desktop, run MS Office products and MS Money and MS Works.

3. Be suitable as both a 'file server' and a 'desktop'. Some applications have high resource needs (CPU/ram). How powerful are the CPU's in a NAS device, as compared to a desktop computer ? How much RAM can you have ?

4. Use a printer and scanner, and other such devices, run off the NAS.