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Thread: Hey Guys I have my first question.

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    Hey Guys I have my first question.

    I have internet access all over town. I just got out of prison and am being forced to stay at a rescue mission. One of the few items that survived this incarceration was my asus netbook. Anyway most of the places I am allowed to pickup internet have some type of blocker for facebook and sometimes even stuff I wouldn't see any reason to block. I really don't want to hack any computer or get kicked out of the mission but I don have a ubuntu machine running apache2 at my dads. I was wondering if anyone knows how to setup a site on it or something on the ubuntu machine (Which it will allow me to http and ssh/telnet to) so that the remote machine will fetch a website and serve it to a webpage for me or something so I can get on my facebook. Thanks.

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    Re: Hey Guys I have my first question.

    It is against the Forum Code of Conduct to help you circumvent any restrictions put in place by network owners. You'll have to find a way to access Facebook on your own, as this thread is closed.


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