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Thread: Where is my memory RAM?

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    Question Where is my memory RAM?

    Hi to all.

    Similar problem here. I have 4GB installed but only 2.9GB of those are recognized by the system.

    free -b -h
                      total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:          2,9G       2,7G       160M         0B       121M       546M
    -/+ buffers/cache:       2,1G       827M
    Swap:         3,7G       1,3G       2,4G
    Looking in the BIOS, just 64MB of the RAM is reserved to video card.
    So, where's the missing 1GB?

    I'm on Linux Mint 14 64bit
    Kernel: 3.5.0-31-generic
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    Re: Where is my memory RAM?

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    Re: Where is my memory RAM?

    Does the problem appear only on Linux? The simplest possibility is just an unseated RAM board. Even if you haven't physically messed with it recently sometimes ordinary vibrations can cause a loose module to go from working to not-working. If you've upgraded recently, maybe one of the modules was bad.

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    Re: Where is my memory RAM?

    Quote Originally Posted by manolomanolo View Post
    Are you sure? Use
    uname -mpi
    to check.


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