Many technical companies have a two step interview process. First process is the technical side, the other is the boring HR how-well-can-you-handle-politically-correctness-and-not-get-the-company-sued.

On the technical side of things, many interviewers, including myself, love to see public/web presence. Put snippets of code on GitHub, show us a StackOverflow profile, do you have work on CodeCanyon/ThemeForest by Envato? All these things are great introductions into the way a person thinks in the wild, not stressed on the spot. People always have a comfort zone, and it's the performance level of a candidate at the comfort level that is important, not the failures incurred while stressed. Once they are comfortable, they will be able to handle stressful situations with ease and comfort.

Another rule of thumb is, positions that pay less than $16 depending on your location to an urban area (NYC, Chicago, Seattle, SanFran, etc) or that ask for 1-3 years experience, mostly are just looking for either a degree or random walk-in's that they can train and mold themselves. These positions usually are geared for the younger crowd.