Hey guys, I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 with Gnome 3. I set up some online accounts for empathy chat. Well I had to change my google account to a new one and now my computer is constantly asking to log in to my old one. When I changed the email I deleted the old one but it still asks for my password to the old one. I can't log in to it if I wanted to because I deleted the account so this is very frustrating. The pop up for the password for my old google comes up at starts up and almost every time I go to Activities and search something.

Also (not sure if this is related) but I have 2 online accounts programs, I guess one is for gnome and the other is stock Ubuntu... not sure. But there is one I can't open and that's the one I have set up all my accounts on that works with empathy so maybe my old google didn't get completely deleted and now that I can't open it I can't completely delete it.. maybe. All I know is it won't open, it just flashes for a quick second like it almost opens then suddenly crashes.

I hope someone knows what's going on because this is becoming very frustrating. Thanks guys!