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Thread: Evolution - silly problem when writing recipient addresses with "@"

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    Evolution - silly problem when writing recipient addresses with "@"

    When trying to write a recipient's email address, let us say "", my favourite email software Evolution interrupts me and shows

    anna.markka, @

    In my language "@" is produced by the key combination AltGr+2. In Evolution, when filling the recipient address field, the pressing of the AltGr key surprisingly results in the comma and space characters. That is annoying. Since the problem occurs only when using Evolution, I would not like to make a system-wide change in the operation of the AltGr key.

    I am using an up-to-date Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit system with the current (3.2.3) version of Evolution.

    As far as I can remember, this problem has plagued me for years.

    But perhaps I am not aware of some neat trick that helps to avoid this problem.

    Thanks very much for considering this issue with me.
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