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Thread: !Help Needed! Ubuntu won't start on HP Windows 8

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    Exclamation !Help Needed! Ubuntu won't start on HP Windows 8

    Recently I bought a new laptop form HP. It had Windows 8 pre-installed. I get tired of windows 8 after 2 months, and i decide to look for something new. I come across Ubuntu. It looked fantastic. So i go ahead to install it, following the instructions for windows 8 UEFI. To my surprise, a black screen appears, which looks like this:

    But i can still boot to Win 8
    Now, I have disabled secure boot, and enabled Legacy support alongside UEFI (which cant be disabled for me). No problems occured during installation. I even tried the bootable CD method, but it all failed. I have read through countless amounts of posts, all of which weren't helpful. They all lead into saying that Ubuntu 13.04 has an EFI installation, and just disable secure boot. That didn't do the job for me. And the laptop is a REALLY good laptop, with Nvidia 680 graphics and a quad core processor at 3.4Ghz, and it would be nice to expeience Ubuntu on High End fronts.

    It worked fine on my old laptop, which was 7 years old (that is how i am typing/ed this :] ). But with only 2gb of ram and a crappy processor i cant do much, and it would be great if i could get help setting up Ubuntu on a pre-installed, perma-uefi windows 8.
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