I'm posting this in the Newbie section in hopes that someone can re-route me to the proper forums or documentation, though I'm neither a newbie to computing or to Ubuntu. Please forgive me - I've spent hours searching threads today, but it's hard to cover ground on dial-up.

I have a nice, stable Hardy 8.04 system - haven't updated because months of trying to get any newer version to work with my dial-up failed.

As noted above, I have an nVidea Geforce 4 MX440 AGP8x video card running on a ViewSonic VG900B monitor, which works fine but has some dark blobs because someone threw it out in a dumpster years ago. I first confronted the problems of configuration under Hardy when I tried to connect a television via S-VHS cable to watch films; I could see the boot on both screens, though in black-and-white on the television, but once the desktop loaded it could recognize both screens but wouldn't show anything on the TV.

Like the dial-up with Lucid, I had to give that up. (Though almost everything else I've tried with Ubuntu has worked!)

Now I've inherited a ViewSonic VX2235WM-3 22" wide-screen monitor. Plugging it in via VGA shows the entire desktop, but in fat-vision stretched mode. Five months of experimenting and reading has gotten me nowhere in configuring it to show a proper wide-screen aspect ratio. I understand that I may have to lower my resolution to support the extra width and the memory needs.

But where to I go to learn where and how to configure the video definition files and parameters? There is a proprietary nVidea X-server configuration tool, which I used with no problems on my standard-aspectVG900B, but I don't understand how to find a configuration for the VX2235WM-3 or create or alter one for myself.