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Thread: Make Search mod/tweaks?

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    Question Make Search mod/tweaks?

    Hello all! I am not sure where I should be posting this as it doesn't really seem to be specific to any one topic, or rather any topics. I would just like to know if I can customize the results a Search yields. For example, when I hit "Super" or a.k.a Windows Logo Key, it brings up the search feature/function. If I was to type Firefox it would search for anything called Firefox, get me some results, and so on and so forth.

    However what I really would like to do is this: After bringing up the Search screen and typing in my search, make hitting 'Enter/Return' or some other combination of keys (Alt+Enter perhaps) perform a Google search. I would very much like to integrate the beautiful Search functions with Internet and make my productivity just that much faster. If there is no way to customize the Search functions then that's OK, but if one could suggest an alternative app or software package that would be wonderful.

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    Re: Make Search mod/tweaks?

    While the links provided offer information & additional lens to use, not one of them enables a Google (or any search engine) search. The Internet query lens was for returning results from specific websites, not actually generating search results. The example they provided was searching for a band, instead of results being pulled from a search engine it instead links the bands Facebook, MySpace, Wiki etc.

    Is there a way that I can create my own to fit my exact requirements? I'm not sure how one goes about customizing the Search function. While the default search is fabulous, if I could add this one element to it I would be able to do so much more and much faster. Thank you again for the help, I did like the YouTube lens. I'll try a search for a Google lens to see if that returns a result I'm looking for (now that I know what it is called.)

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