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Thread: The journey is over!

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    The journey is over!

    Thanks to many people here, today and in the past, I have successfully installed Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit alongside Win8. It took about 28 hours to get everything running correctly. I dug into a UEFI bios and learned many things. I downloaded Boot Repair as the final step in getting Ubuntu to be recognized. Got the ATI proprietary driver installed. Running the Torcs game with the onboard ATI gives me over 100 fps. Amazing.

    I have been around the forums quite awhile: mostly reading. (You never know when you might be faced with the same problem as someone else here.) When I unpacked the new computer yesterday, I knew I was probably in for a fight getting Ubuntu installed, but thanks to all the people who have helped other here, I was pretty much prepared.

    Many thanks to all those who participate here!

    PS: Win8 absolutely sucks.

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    Re: The journey is over!

    Good job Autodave. Installing a new OS is truly a challenge especially a dual boot. I have to agree about the folks here. They are the best.
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    Re: The journey is over!

    They're both great operating systems if you take the time to understand how they work. Both Ubuntu's Unity and Windows' modern design took similar criticism upon their release. As they grow and mature, both interfaces are growing to be much more refined. Especially as Windows 8.1 lands, and Mir+Unity next take the stage in 14.04.
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