Running Gnome 3.6 in Ubuntu Gnome 13.04.
Added a few extensions and Dropbox but otherwise nothing really.

Anyway, one, even after changing preferences for Nautilus and logging out and back in, I can't get image previews. I have it set to 100MB and still can't get even small JPEGs to generate thumbnails. Do I need to manually clear out the cache to get it to work? I've tried reload and it just gives me the small normal icons.

Also, only other thing is I have the Faenza icons I believe. Will that override image previews?

Lastly, my workspaces are set to dynamic but I no longer have the ability to just drag windows over to the right. Even when using two or more, they still don't appear and I have to click on the icon to get to them. Not sure if this is a quirk somehow or what but it's annoying.