My wife used to play a game on facebook. But we recently moved and that one game no longer loads with her Ubuntu laptop. It still loads just fine where we used to live and at my office but with Ubuntu not at our apartment. I have found a few other web sites besides the game that just do not load with the Ubuntu computers. The browser window just remains blank though the browser says loading.

The problem is the same for both Google Chrome and Firefox. So it is not just the browser.

All three locations have the same ISP, Time Warner, and are not far from each other.

The location that does not load, our apartment, has a different main router than than the other locations.

So it seemed to me like it was a router problem. The one place that has a different router and a different firewall does not load the web sites.

However, I have one windows xp computer and that loads everything at every location.

The web configuration for the unique router, where some web pages do not load, does not load with Ubuntu. It also says loading but just leaves a blank screen with both Chrome and Firefox.

I tried changing the DNS to a different location but it made no difference.

I tried using a VPN to my office. Then everything loads just fine.

The Ubuntu computers have ufw disabled. The windows xp computers also have their firewall disabled. And no computers use a proxy.

I do have wireshark on the windows xp computer but when the facebook game loaded there were so many connections I could not see a difference.

Does anybody have any idea where I might look to fix this problem?