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Thread: Business advice?

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    Question Business advice?

    I know this might be the wrong place but I'm just looking for advice from anyone who may have had a similar issue or can provide me direction.

    I had recently started a internship that a good friend of mine gave me the opportunity to undertake. While working with them for the last 6 months the guy who owns the company has always coaching me to start an idea that would make money... So I start to think about all the services that he has to offer and write a business plan utilizing those services. Later I pitch the idea to him and the guy who gave me the opportunity to work the internship and they where not interested in the idea at all. Later I asked the guy who owns the business If I can buy utility from him SIP lines, phone numbers, etc. He didn't have a problem with this.

    I would say about a week later after I keep bugging him to digits he ask me why I need so many phone numbers, minutes, etc and I let him know about my business plan. From that point he thinks its the greatest idea ever and wants to do anything and everything he can do to get it up and running.

    After I talk to him a little more about the idea he starts laying everything out "Ill get everything setup so it goes into "Our account" I believe he's under the impression I'm going to deposit funds directly to his business off my idea.. Not only that the business plan that I came up with maintains it's self and he wants to change everything but keep the idea the same.

    I guess my question is how do I protect myself and my idea? The only thing he is able to provide me in terms of this idea running is the utility Phone lines, Phone Numbers, Servers, Bandwith (I have the ability to run my own servers as well I truly only need him for the utility though I feel like he wants 90% of the idea... He had put in no work nor does he have the connections to get the idea off the ground. I just need to know how I protect myself, my idea, and the last thing I want to do is deposit all funds from this venture directly to his account. The last thing I want is for this to get off the ground and him have the ability to get rid of me and I have no rights to the intellectual property of the sound business idea and model I put in place. Any advice you can provide me would be great!

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    Re: Business advice?

    Sounds like you need professional legal advice, which is far beyond "lighthearted discussions you might have around the water cooler at work." Closed.


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