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Thread: Printing to Windows 7

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    Printing to Windows 7

    I'm new here. Hope i can get some help. For many monthe I have been printing from my Ubuntu 12.04 machine to my wife's printer on a box running Windows XP. Now, she has brought home a unit running Windows 7 Prof. I have tried everything I can think of. I have spent days reading here and on other forums about Samba, conf files, etc. The Windows 7 box sees my Ubuntu box and Windows sees the printer I have connected locally to Ubuntu. No matter how many things I have tried, Ubuntu will not see the Windows unit. The Ubuntu file browser shows an icon for the windows unit (looks like a picture of a stack of servers) but will not see any files or printers. It was working fine in Windows XP. I am stumped. I'm sure its some stupid obscure setting in Windows 7 I have wrong but I CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT! I hope someone will take pity on me and help me out. Thanks

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