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    Question Broadcom

    i dont have a tethered internet connection so i was told to download broadcom to a usb or disc using another computer and then load it to the one using ubuntu (well put on the desktop). since im relatively new to linux i dont quite understand how im supposed to get it installed...(call me slow) since this is definitely not windows and im used to being able to click on everything to execute ibook ppc g4 isnt detecting any of the wireless connections and when it booted up it said i didnt have b34 something or another...(i think thats right..) please help and thank you so much in advance

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    Re: Broadcom

    We will be very happy to help you in simple, easy to understand terms. There are at least four methods to get Broadcom devices going and which method is best depends on the exact device. We can find that information quickly from the terminal. Open it with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+t. Then type in:
    lspci -nn -d 14e4:
    Press Enter. Post the result here and we'll proceed.
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