I have the following problem:

I have a gaming panel running on my VPS, but that panel only allows users to start and stop the server, so I need to create an ftp account in my VPS to allow them upload the game files.

The problem there is, my gaming panel uses an SSH connection to start&stop servers so i can't block shell to the user used by the panel. I want to create other accounts and block the accounts to a folder on other ubuntu account.


Game Panel --> Connects using linux account: servers (Via SSH) /home/servers/

Now I will create 2 folders inside of this home/servers/, 1 folder named SAMP, and another named Minecraft.

Now I need to create 2 FTP users blocked to /home/servers/SAMP/ and another blocked to /home/servers/Minecraft with full acess to this folders (Write,Read,Execute), but without shell acess.