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Thread: Grub2 iso boot - how to load iso's grub menu entry.

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    Grub2 iso boot - how to load iso's grub menu entry.

    Following this guide: I have usb with multiple isos. One of isos is ubuntu iso. Now I would like to invoke ubuntu iso, see ubuntu iso's it's own menu entry and run it's memtest86+. It's available if I will burn the iso on the CD but how to achieve this if iso is loaded by GRUB2?

    As a workaround I put memtest86+bin in isos folder and put menuentry for it:
    menuentry "Memory test (memtest86+ 4.20)" {
        linux16 /boot/isos/memtest86+-4.20.bin
    Another example would be to reach parted magic menu:
    Such solution would bring much more flexibility.

    I guess it's not possible? But maybe I can create additional menu entry to reach i.e. ubuntu's memtest?
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