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Thread: Unity panel search bar opens mutiple browser tabs.

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    Exclamation Unity panel search bar opens mutiple browser tabs.

    I am a long-time Ubuntu user, and I have come across a bizarre bug that I cannot understand. I am not even precisely sure where to begin with troubleshooting, so anything is likely to help.

    When I click on the little swirly Ubuntu icon at the top of the Unity panel, as soon as I begin typing in the search bar my default browser opens a new tab. As I type, additional tabs are opened continually. It seems that the search action is somehow being tied to my browser (in this case, I have been using Chrome for awhile). It's not terribly problematic, but it is silly and I would like to stop it from happening.

    I have also tried searching for similar issues, but it seems that my searching keywords are either not effective at finding similar issues, OR I am the only one with this issue.

    I will endeavor to post here if/when I have a solution. But as I said, any input is welcome.


    Update: Thanks to the clues I was given below, I have come a step or two closer to finding the solution. This has irritated me for quite some time, so I ended up coming back here to see if anyone had offered any solutions. I opened my Passwords and Keys application and just deleted them all. I had many multiple entries for several of the various online accounds that I have, so it appears that something was broken with my keys. On the down-side, I did not determine which one was the actual culprit, but I'm okay with that. If I end up with any further information, I will come back here to update it.
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