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Thread: How? Remote control the display of a laptop server to show dedicated X-apps/dashboard

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    Question How? Remote control the display of a laptop server to show dedicated X-apps/dashboard

    Hi there,

    tried for hours to find the right keywords to search for pointers, but cannot seem to find the right search results, even though I used Unix/Linux off and on since '96 and searched this forum.

    I have a laptop which functions as server for apache2/asterisk/domotica/logging/fileserver, which hosts various websites, but in the physical universe basically keeps my desk occupied.
    It has 12.04LTS, X/Gnome.

    I'd like to use remote commands (either through ssh or by programmatically from other machine (like Raspi)) to achieve the following:
    [dream mode on]:
    - control the laptop display to switch cycle between tty's (for top and tail log's) or any active X session
    - multiple X-sessions without window-manager GUI FUNCTIONALITY (startbuttons/apps/taskbar/etc), or 1 session which can be controlled to display different area's of an virtual desktop-canvas.
    - display an dedicated dashboard-like application to visualize current website usage and stats (perhaps a geo-map with reverse-ip lookups when logging http-requests)
    - start a dedicated full screen app for teleconferencing (using it's webcam and the x-app fullscreen) and connect to a call
    - show to-do items through an x-app
    - perhaps add another smaller touchscreenlcd through the external vga and usb to function as a configurable user interface (graphical button's to control stuff); but this functionality could also be offloaded to another machine, like a raspberry with which I could add another custom keyboard); still any pointers to this are welcome!

    The idea is to start with command line for R&D , but to involve another machine to script real-world events and responses.

    What I'm NOT looking for is, but keeps popping up in results are:
    - X11-tunnel through Putty; the local laptop screen has to respond to commands from SSH/RPC(?)
    - vnc to duplicate remote desktop: I do not want any desktop
    - Kiosk mode (as in ruggedized public machine), I do not want to use it's keyboard or a windowmanager with direct input
    - multi-seat
    - presentation mode (as in consultant-style dual screen)

    What keywords am I looking for;
    - rpc? no experience
    - x11?

    Please advice on where to look with which technology and/or topic/keywords.

    Best regards,
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