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Thread: Pop & imap

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    Pop & imap

    Hi Everyone,

    I use Thunderbird for mail and up until now I have always had it set to work with POP servers. But I think that it would be nice to have my mails "mirrored" both on the server and on my local machine so have switched to IMAP.

    However, I find that, with IMAP, if I am off-line and try to save to drafts the system refuses to do that: I assume that Thunderbird is looking for the mirrored folder on the server which, at that moment, is not available.

    My question is whether this is simply the nature of IMAP? Or whether there are settings that I can adjust so that, when I am off-line, I can save normally to (for example) draft folders?

    Many thanks,
    Alan Searle

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    Re: Pop & imap

    Have you tried File > Offline > Work Offline?

    Good Luck
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    Re: Pop & imap

    IMAP or POP depends on the mail provider. A provider can often handle both protocols for receiving , but sometimes use one or the other for sending. For example, Windows Live uses POP3. Thunderbird, in my experience, detects and selects the proper protocol/s during account setup. In the Win live client of not too long ago the server type(POP3 or Other) had to be entered manually.
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