So the other day my wife and I sat downto watch a movie on my laptop, recently graced with a fresh installof Raring. I had installed my favorite browser, email client, biblesoftware, restricted extras, etc., but I’d neglected to run script. I’d done it a dozen times in the past, andcould almost do it from memory. But this time I had to do it whilemy wife (only recently introduced to Ubuntu) watched. To be honest,I was a little embarrassed that my OS requires me to run a scriptburied five layers into the system files just to watch a DVD.

Then it hit me. Why? I’d never eventhought about what the script did in the past. I just ran it, andthen DVD play started working. I was a little surprised to realizethat all the script does is download the libdvdcss2 package from theMaverick release of the Medibuntu repository and install it. Sothen, why isn’t libdvdcss2 included in the Multiverse repository? For that matter, why isn’t it included in the restricted extrasmetapackage?