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Thread: Additional info for Wiki: MacBook Pro 9,2 and SSDs

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    Additional info for Wiki: MacBook Pro 9,2 and SSDs


    according to the Wiki at I'd like to share my experience with the MacBook Pro 9,2 (13") and Ubuntu 13.04 running on an SSD (or better two SSDs).
    First of all, I switched the included 750GB hard disc with a Samsung Pro Series 840 256GB SSD right after unboxing the new MBP. Then I booted while holding the alt key, selected a wireless lan and started the install routine of macos. I had to partition the SSD before I could start the installation process. Everything worked fine.
    After I have had a working macos 10.8.3, I additionally installed a second SSD (Samsung Series 830 256GB) instead of the dvd drive with the help of a caddy. There were many video tutorials on youtube which helped me doing this.
    Finally I installed Ubuntu 13.04 64bit from a USB stick.

    So, now I have two SSDs. One for operating systems macos and Ubuntu 13.04 and the other for non-system files. I had no problems installing those operating systems or creating partitions.

    So, for me the combination of MacBook Pro 9,2 with Raring Ringtail and SSDs works very well. I hope that will help others having the same idea, because it's stable and very fast.


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    Re: Additional info for Wiki: MacBook Pro 9,2 and SSDs

    Hi ole01,

    I have the same Macbook Pro as you own but just one SSD and still my Super-Drive. Would you mind to share your knowledge how you got Ubuntu installed on your MBP?

    It drives me nuts tried liveCD, usb stick nothing works!

    I hope to get some help from you.

    Thanks for any replay in advance

    I tried this tutorial:


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