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Thread: pgadmin3 restore fails

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    pgadmin3 restore fails

    Is it OK to ask a Postgres question here?

    I'm trying to restore a db using pgAdmin3. But, I'm getting the following:

    pg_restore: [archiver (db)] connection to database "ndeavor_production" failed: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "postgres"

    I don't see any place to put in a password during the restore.


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    Re: pgadmin3 restore fails

    I've never used pgadmin3, but I have restored PG databases from the command line many times using the psql client. Was the source created by running pg_dump?

    Usually the "postgres" user has no password, either at the OS level or the database level.

    Suppose the dump file is called mydatabase.dump. I would follow these steps:

    sudo su
    [enter your password]
    su postgres
    psql < /path/to/mydatabase.dump
    If that does not work, try using "psql template1 < /path/to/mydatabase.dump".

    I do use Microsoft Access as a GUI frontend from time to time after installing the ODBC driver for PostgreSQL in Windows. That can be useful for importing large datasets in a spreadsheet or CSV/TSV formats. Mostly I just run queries from the command line using psql.
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    Re: pgadmin3 restore fails

    I used pgAdmin3 to backup the database. I used the directory format. Now, I'm trying to restore that same backup. When I connect to the pg server, I use user=pgadmin and it has a password. In the restore error log, there is this line --no-password. I don't see any place in the restore screens to add a password. There is a screen for 'security labels' but, I don't know what that's for.

    I would really like to restore using pgAdmin3 and not the command line.


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