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Thread: [13.04] [Unsolved for Now] Move Unity Launcher to bottom screen

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    [13.04] [Unsolved for Now] Move Unity Launcher to bottom screen

    You could see my old post here if you want ...

    Sorry for that but I have to create a new thread since Elfy consider that :

    Re: [13.04] Move Unity Launcher to bottom screen
    This has been rinsed and repeated enough times already.


    What exactly have been rinsed and repeated ?

    The fact that we could do that on older distribution (but not 13.04 because it's to recent) ? Or the fact that people did not consider Mark Shuttleworth can think for them ?

    Btw I can understand that Canonical did'nt want to do it but the linux community already done it one with Unity Bottom Launcher ... For older version

    I was decided to take my time on this and use gnome 3 instead (already got it but never use before today) ... but on internet i see that 'yeeppee gnome 3.8 is here you have to install it' - so i decide to try it ...

    I've just add the gnome 3 ppa

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

    and make an

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    and that just ruined my computer so i decided to re-install ubuntu 13.04 and I'm decided to found that 'only thing i need' -> move the launcher ...
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