I have to apologize - this ubuntuforums.org location appears to have THE BEST help for GNUPG on the internet that is why I am posting this here.
I downloaded GNUPG 2.1 to my computer.
I used 7zip to open the EXE.
I extracted (did not install) I extracted all the files to my computer into a directory.
We keep all the public keys for our clients in a particular directory.
I imported them into GPG2 using the GPG2.exe and the --import command.
I imported our company's private key also.
Someone sent us an encrypted file.
I can decrypt it on my computer using our private key just fine.
I need the processes on our server to be able to decrypt this file.
I copied to the server my "installation folder" of gnupg 2.1. (remember - I didn't install it I extracted the files)
I copied to the server my folder that has the batch file that executes the "script" that will decrypt the file.
Now what is on the server is the same as what is on my computer.
It pops up a DOS box just like on my computer but in there is the error message "no secret key found".
What is on the server is the same as what is on my computer.
It works on my computer but not on the server...
...and there was no installation in either one.
Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.