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Thread: Did the Ubuntu live session corrupt my MBR?

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    Did the Ubuntu live session corrupt my MBR?

    My MBR was corrupted trying Linux Ubuntu 13.04. I created a bootable live usb drive for Ubuntu, then changed the boot order so it boots from the USB drive first. Then I selected the first option - Try Ubuntu.....then my computer froze during the live session, so I held down the power button to reboot and removed the usb stick. The system rebooted with the following message Error: BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del. But when I press ctrl alt delete it just brings me right back to the same error message.

    It's a possibility that my MBR was damaged or corrupted - how?

    Do I need a Windows 7 64 bit repair disk to fix this problem?
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    Re: Did the Ubuntu live session corrupt my MBR?

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