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Thread: How do I get flash running on an old pc?

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    Re: How do I get flash running on an old pc?

    Quote Originally Posted by 23senick View Post
    I got Flash working on 11 year old HP, using flash-aid add-on in firefox. It means using a slightly out-of date version of flash so I installed no-script add-on as well.

    Sorry I don't have time to find the thread now (bit late!) but if you google for downloading old flash files you should find it. Good luck!
    I think you can get old versions of flash in the Ubuntu archive
    Don't know if they would install though.

    Then there is a way to install old versions manually if deb fails to install

    Not sure if it is a good idea to run old versions of flash though as it can be a security risk.

    flash-aid is long dead.

    What it did was basically to install the most updated version of flash from Adobe and clean up conflicting versions in your system. Since there is no more flash update for Linux from Adobe (except for security updates which are availiable in the repo) flashaid became pointless and the developer had dropped it long time ago. Now the only way to get up to date flash for Linux is through Chrome's bundled pepper flash.
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