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Thread: PS3 Eye (Not working Ubuntu 12.04)

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    PS3 Eye (Not working Ubuntu 12.04)

    I have Ubuntu 12.04.2 and I can't seem for the life of me get my Playstation Eye for m PS3 to work as a mic. I have video but the mic seems to not work. I have pulse audio and it doesn't seem to pick up any sound. GNOME Alsa-Mixer doesn't open neither. I have no clue what to do now and all other Google searches have failed. I am also a noob with Ubuntu so bare with me.

    UPDATE (Fixed)
    Easy fix actually, Just unistall Pulse Audio and use Gnome Alsa-Mixer, seems it gives you Alsa by default when you remove Pulse. This is a good cam without motion blur and it seems to be HD quality I would recommend everyone to get a PS3 eye cam for their computer as its cheaper than most of the good cams on the market. Thanks for everyone who has tried to get the PS3 eye cam to work.
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