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Thread: Stay with Ubuntu or change to other distro?

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    Stay with Ubuntu or change to other distro?

    A month ago I finally decided to install Ubuntu on my personal and only laptop. I didn't want to make a radical change to Linux yet as I used Windows all my life so I dual botted Ubuntu 13.04 (12.10 did not detect my wireless card) with Windows 7. I really enjoyed and am currently enjoying the experience of Linux but as I kept on trying differente distros on my virtual machine I started noticing the several diferences in them. I've tried (apart from Ubuntu) Mint 14, OpenSuse 12.3, Fedora 18 and Backtrack 5r3. After that, and please forgive me if i'm wrong, Unity just seemed very "juvenile" when compared to the other ones i tried. I use my laptop mainly for rather casual online gaming, programming as i've started learning some languages, some school work, multimedia (music making, photo editing, movies,music) and was also planning to set a server at my parents' home when I go there in vacation. Also i considered the change because I don't like the tabled feeling unity has and, don't ask me why, I don't feel confortable changing the "retail" GUI. With the new intel 965 graphic drivers I also got to run many games on Ubuntu like Urban Terror and even World of Warcraft through Wine and I'm feeling more and more distant from Windows as time goes by. My main question is: Taking all the activities I enjoy most in consideration, should I keep Ubuntu or change to Fedora/OpenSuse? Also, please forgive me if I posted in the wrong forum section. It is my first thread.
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