I use the desktop and wallpaper and icons on it...

1) Cannot right click on desktop
3) Cannot change features from right-clicking on desktop
This still works in Unity if Nautilus/Files is managing the desktop.

2) Annoying bar on the left side of screen
Classic desktop has always had at least one dock. Unity has it and the only difference is it's fixed at left side of the screen. This doesn't allow customization and that much is true BUT it works OK to be honest and you just have to get use to it. Too bad Dodge Windows was removed in the past because it was perfect back then but it still quite OK once you get use to it.

In the future (Unity 8) i don't know what will happen to the desktop and we will just have to wait and see. I hope icons and folders and wallpaper will still be there in the "desktop mode" but on phone/tablet "mobile mode" we will probably get "full screen" dash or something like that.