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Thread: Suggest A linux Project

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    Suggest A linux Project

    Hi all,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am a non-IT graduate, who has started into an IT grad job, which has a lot of focus on Linux. I want to work towards building my knowledge on Linux for professional and personal use. I am currently reading my way through a practical Guide to LInux commands editors and Shell by Mark Sobell and want to supplement this theoretical approach with some practical experience.

    Learning Goals:
    -A good fundamental understanding of how the Linux system works (Sys Admin stuff) i.e. editing config files, solving problems, monitoring system health, making changes, installs, optimising my enviroment etc
    -Improving understanding of hardware
    -Improving understanding of Networking/ security

    With all this in mind, can anyone suggest a good Linux project for me to undertake to that will be a good learning experience? Step by step instructions and explanations of what I am doing is pretty key.

    I have the basics on linux (main commands, using man, main directories, editing text files, redirection, regular expressions and wildcards, permissions). I have these tools but still feel I lack understanding on how to do 'stuff' with them.

    Version info:
    $ /usr/bin$ cat /proc/version
    Linux version 3.5.0-23-generic (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #35~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 25 17:15:33 UTC 2013

    Bash Shell

    TL;DR: Suggest a project with step by step instructions that will help improve my system administration knowledge of Linux

    Thanks guys!!!!

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    Re: Suggest A linux Project


    I do not really have a "project" for you. But first off. Drop the GUI for as much as possible.

    Want to connect to the internet - CLI
    Want to edit a file - CLI
    Want to create a file, copy a file etc - CLI.

    Using the terminal for day to day tasks is the quickest way to get to know the inner workings and lay out of the system.
    Follow along on the forums on the more technical posts, I have helped a few guys here poke around VERY deeply inside the system, others have gone even deeper. Do not just READ, throw together a test environment, even if it is a virtual machine and follow along, use your creative mind. Remember one thing, linux is THE best OS for any one who can read and have an IQ greater than -1. It starts making sence:

    /dev > all files related to devices, as an example.

    Then, I usually try and script as much as possible. Even some of the most bizzare tasks I script. Have 20+ Nautilus scripts alone. This helps a lot with getting around in the system and common issues.

    This is just to help to "get to know" linux. First become a power user, then worry about administrating the system. I have found I know more than most trained "Linux technicians" in my area and I have zero formal education on a computer, simply by a LOT of google, and a LOT of screwing up and fixing, NOT formating.

    Good luck and have FUN!!
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    Re: Suggest A linux Project

    Set up a VM with Virtualbox or another brand. Install a sever, Ubuntu, CentOS etc and play with them.
    Install SSH and apache2 or nginx, PHP, MySql and if you break them you can roll back to a previous snapshot.

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    Re: Suggest A linux Project

    Try helping a few folks here on the forums. Once you get to 1,000 beans, then you will have an idea of what interests you.
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    Re: Suggest A linux Project

    A VM is a great thing for learning. You can break things, figure out how you broke them and figure out how to fix them all without having to worry. Break it beyond repair? Heck, just reinstall it on your VM.
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