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Thread: UEFI Installing - Tips

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    Re: UEFI Installing - Tips

    You can also use this guide <link snipped> in order to install Ubuntu Server Edition on machines with UEFI, GPT disk with LVM custom partition layout.
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    Re: UEFI Installing - Tips

    Thanks for the efi menu cleanup instructions for grub. I'm learning a tiny bit at a time. Right now I've used "Something else" to replace an existing OS that broke due to a failed upgrade via live DVD:

    I suspect what happened there was that the upgrade somehow failed to recognize the /EFI/boot partition.

    Regardless I've now gone from Win 8.1 + Trusty to Win 8.1 + broken upgrade to Win 8.1 + Precise.

    I'm beginning with Precise this time so I can try Precise -> Trusty, Trusty -> Utopic, and Utopic -> Vivid upgrades via live DVD to see what I can blow up

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